Services of APRG  

Founded in 1995, HP and Cisco were clients #1 and #2.  Since then, over 300 customers have consulted with us for regional insights. Our analysts have deep field experience in India, Japan, S. Korea, Malaysia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Published Research Reports   

We help our clients by conducting and publishing innovative research in markets that may be opaque or, challenging, and turning that information into strategic business insights.  We know that the decision to enter or expand a market is not a simple process, and requires key data points.   Our research services products are designed to help you clearly understand the opportunities and nuances of the emerging markets in Asia.  

Advisory and Consulting 

APRG team members can help clients understand a regional market in a broad sense or to drill down on a specific challenge or use case.  APRG's areas of specialization include emerging market opportunity assessment, political risk, competitive analysis, consumer insights, and local partnering strategies.  

Political Risk

Political Risk in the Far East and Southeast Asia confronts corporations, investors and government actors alike as political events impact business and other economic activities. The notion that business and commerce can somehow function in perfect isolation from political events and calculation is misguided and naive. Stability and predictability is the optimized state for investment and capital flows. Nonetheless, while commercial opportunities will be in greater abundance when stability and transparencies are prevalent, opportunities will continue to present themselves even in the midst of adversity and uncertainty as long as visionary and strategic functionaries are able to think outside the box.  Asia Pacific Research Group has a unique perspective which can find the opportunity in adversity and can decipher nuance from strategic ambiguity.   

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